Cancellation Policy:


– 100% refund canceling 48 hours in advance.
– 70% refund canceling 24 hours in advance.
– Canceling on the activity day or not taking the tour will be marked as “No Show” and non-refund will be done.
Reschedule has no cost, as far as the request is made 24 hours before your activity.
    ** Please note: This is as a courtesy to open up space for guests who might be waiting in line for our water fun activities.
  1. If your booking was made online and the reservation is cancelled (whether this be by Jungle Tour Adventure or yourself) the amount owed will be paid in a deposit in the same account or a credit can be used to reschedule.
  2. Reservations may be rescheduled or cancelled without penalty when the weather conditions don’t allow the service to take place.*
  3. In the event of illness, a doctor’s note must be presented to receive a refund or to reschedule without penalty.
  4. In package arrangements, cancellation of the activity nulls the package price and the remaining services are charged at full price. (the remaining services may cost more individually than the original package.)
    * This policy does not cover transportation costs, if applicable.
This agreement will be fastened and will be interpreted in agreement according the laws and the courts of the Federal District, Mexico.
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